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An eleven-year-old kid created a life-sized Dalek costume out of cardboard. What am I doing with my life?

I am cataloging old three-sentence fic fills (THERE ARE A FUCKLOAD OF THEM), and discovering many absurd things I do not have any recollection of writing. These things include:

  • Glee fic (omgwtfbbq)
  • Star Trek/Zorro crossover
  • LOTS AND LOTS OF unrequested PORN

I wrote 38 fills for the old three-sentence ficathon! Hooray for me. Post should be up soon, so STAY TUNED~


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14 jan 2011 19:37 (UTC)
That costume is amazing! And yeah, I've done nothing with my life so far.
15 jan 2011 17:18 (UTC)
I have seen cardboard box robots, and even cardboard box Storm Troopers, but never before a cardboard box Dalek. I am awed.

...I need a job.

ETA: I think being consistently sparkly and GQ can be considered a significant life achievement.

Edited at 2011-01-15 17:19 (UTC)
15 jan 2011 05:00 (UTC)

Thanks for the baby otter!
15 jan 2011 17:19 (UTC)
You are welcome!
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